Raw, Honest, Emotional, Gritty, Icelandic Singer Songwriter

Pour yourself a stiff one, lay back and drink in some free music from Iceland’s most exciting alternative folk-rock artist.

One Bad Day is the musical love child of Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen and a junkyard dog, delivered by Dr. Hook and raised by Howlin Wolves.

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One of Those Boys 03:26
One of the songs we recorded for my album was done live. In a tiny cottage in rural Iceland in the middle of winter. And here it is!
Tom Traubert's Blues 05:45
Playing around one day, I decided to record a cover of Tom Waits' excellent song, Tom Traubert's Blues (and stuff in parenthesis). I was very happy with the results, so here they are.
Söngur desemberbarnsins 03:20
A comedic song in Icelandic about the plight of having been born in December.